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Music Technology Fundamentals


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This course is designed for anyone interested in producing music on computer using virtual instruments, samples and microphones. Regardless of style, this course provides an overview of the wide range of tools available to the modern music production. This is an “all-in-one” course for (almost) everything related to music technology, the basics of digital audio, physic of sound, music recording, binaural audio, musical acoustics, signal flow, sound synthesis, music production, Game Audio, post-production and mixing. Students will also study the elements of production design, composition, song form, and how to arrange, edit, build and shape a song using different D.A.Ws. In this course students will also learn the fundamentals of digital audio, studio and location recording, mixing, and MIDI sequencing using Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 12, Ableton Live, music production, and audio programming using Max. Students will also be briefly introduced to a wide- range of applications (and careers) in music technology. This course is the Gateway to the Music Technology disciplinary area courses in the Music Program and it is mandatory for all Music majors. There are no pre- requisitesfor this course and anyone with a keen interest in recording and production, sequencing or programming is more than welcome to take it.

Learning Outcomes

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