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This immersive studio course in graphic design combines practice and reflection through a project- based approach to branding. Logos are graphic marks or emblems used by commercial enterprises, organizations and individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. How are Logos doing today? How designers are coping with new emerging standards? How do we deal with a brand when a Favicon or screen buttons become more important than header paper? We will see how some of the most successful logos only seem to be set in stone, while in reality they constantly mutate and adapt. We also examine how and why certain logos in the last two decades have become metaphors for the worst outcomes of corporate cultures and the targets of anti- globalization activists everywhere. We investigate how and why in our Age of Brands, logos ended in the spotlight for reasons opposite to the ones they were created for

Learning Outcomes

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Topic Outlines

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Grading Rubric

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  • Attendance, participation (20%)
  • Group assignments (20%)
  • Individual assignments (25%)
  • Final interview (15%)
  • Personal blog (20%)


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