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Docu-Fiction Cinema


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Fact may or may not be stranger than fiction, but invariably both exert strong influences in creating narrative. The course explores how documentary and fiction are combined throughout the history of film and in different cultures. We will examine the work of dozen filmmakers who have merged both formats creating singular hybrid films. Dramatic reconstructions, manipulated imagery or fictional interstitials are frequently incorporated into documentaries to elevate realism. Conversely, fiction occasionally crosses over into documentary to create a sense of authenticity or truthfulness. Lastly, the division is sometimes completely eradicated making it difficult to distinguish the reality from the imaginary. Over the course of the emester, students will create their own docu-fiction short films. They will bring together fiction and non-fiction story elements reflecting on how each form complements the other.

Learning Outcomes

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Topic Outlines

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Grading Rubric

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  • Attendance & Participation (20%)
  • Reflections (10%)
  • Film Exercises (20%)
  • Mid-Term Docu-Fiction Essay (20%)
  • Final Film (30%)


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