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Dramatizing History


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How does the dramatis bring alive an historucal poch to enliven a work for stage, film or television/ What elements are essential to create a compelling narrative? Should the characters be actual people or fictionalized composites? And what ethical issues are raised in such decision-making? In this course students will embark on a journey to bring alive stories that hold personal significance. Whether the tales are connection to family, culture, gender or 'race' memory, there are certain steps that may enhance the creation and development of dramatic work based on historical information. Students will have the opportunity to detail their personal process in both creative and critical terms.

Learning Outcomes

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Topic Outlines

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Grading Rubric

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  • Participation (25%)
  • Written assignments (30%)
  • Workshop presentation (15%)
  • Journal presentation (15%
  • Final script (15%)


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